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My Christmas & Sneak Peak from Detox -Series

This Christmas:

  • I enjoyed quiet evenings drinking tea covered with my warm new blanket.
  • I walked around our neighborhood as I listened to Christmas carols and felt very emotional and grateful for everything ❤
  • I ate loads of Gingerbread cookies made by my son. 
  • I rolled in cold snow after the sauna. It felt good and got my blood flowing like crazy. Made me think about starting ice swimming.
  • I watched House of Cards on Netflix.
  • I went to bed at 10 pm and rose early to go for a morning run. Damn it felt good to run again after suffering post-pneumonia flu. Just me, adrenalin and snow.


 Sneak peak from my Detox-series

If you google "detox diet" you can get more than 6 million references. Or if you google "detox diet and any fruit" see what happens.. I bet there are detox diets available to every fruit 😁 This goes to show how popular detox nowadays is. Clearly, anyone with a computer can create a diet, create a blog or website and then make stuff up. But this is not what I’m creating here. I’m not offering any quick fixes, rather just tips how you can live healthier and get rid of some toxins from your body. Most importantly, you should first start thinking what is it that you put into your body in forms of toxins (preservatives, pesticides) and stop them from getting to your system. After that, it is time to focus on how to eliminate the existing toxins.
If you are interested in these matters or interested in feeling a bit lighter and having a new ”fresh start” to year 2018, stick around. In the meantime I hope you had an amazing Christmas and your holiday still continues!

"Create the sequence of goodness, consequences will be always good."

"The purpose of life is to know, love and trust yourself. Be yourself."

           Lots of serenity to your days,


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