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Hey there, 

I am 35 years old health coach, personal trainer and nutrition adviser who is interested in being fit and living as healthy as possible. I help people to feel better and to live a healthier life. I work passionately because I know how a good diet can affect to the quality of your life. My interest in healthy food started after my pregnancy as I noticed that I was suffering from constant cravings for candy and sugary treats. I was also getting heavy stomach symptoms from dairy and gluten. The change into better happened when I gave up wheat, sugar and dairy products. The change was big as I was consuming these products a lot. Instead of having these, I started to eat more fresh, clean and real food. I noticed a change in my being shortly after a week. My thoughts were clearer, my skin brightened up and my stomach was no longer upset. I was feeling really energetic although I was living a hectic baby year.

I want to be a good example for my child, students and encourage others to feel better. Investing in your health is always a good investment! My own experiences with diet and exercise lead me to personal trainer studies and later I specialized in nutrition. Currently I am continuing my studies to become a functional medicine nutrition adviser (ProHealth). 

I have my own health coach business and in this blog I share health tips. 

I'm glad that you're here 👊 

My ongoing online courses: 

My Nutrition Packages: Healthy Eating Basic and Healthy Eating Individual

My Workout Plans: Fit for Life Basic and Fit for Life Advanced

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