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The Holiday of My Life

It´s fall holiday and I´m in a my favourite country, in the US. It has been a long time since the last time I was here and therefore I am enjoying every moment of my trip! So as I am here I´m trying to live my life and focus on being present and forget about everything else. It has been a hectic fall so I am really enjoying my time without any schedules. Some of you might wonder why I haven't been posting as much as I did in the summer time.. Well, I am trying to find some balance in my life. I am often quite tired after work and I want to relax and spend time with my family and not be on my computer. This new posting pace has been better for me. I have a lot of ideas for blog posts but I haven´t got the time to sit down, write posts and download pictures. That being said, I still love blogging and I came here because I wanted you to have an insight on my trip. I will do a separate post on my trip later.  
Below are some pictures of my trip. Can you guess where I am?

The best thi…

How to Control the Hunger Hormone

This blog post´s topic is about an important hormone called Leptin.
What is it?
Leptin is a protein hormone produced in adipose tissue. Leptin is a satiety hormone and it plays a role in regulating appetite and metabolism. Leptin´s role is to give information to your brains how much fat you have in your body.  Leptin was found in 1954. Back in the days few scientists conducted a mouse experiment in which the scientists were investigating a few mice which were eating all the time and because of that they gained a lot of weight. The reason behind this overeating was the fat tissue and it´s problems of not producing enough leptin. If there is no leptin production, brains don´t have any signals about how much fat tissue the body has. 

One of leptin´s role is to increase our appetite. For example if you have over eaten during Christmas time, you will gain weight. As a result of this Leptin levels will increase in your body and inform your brains to increase your resting metabolism so you …

The Secret to a Successful Weight Loss

108 million Americans are on a diet at any given time. Americans spend 65 billion dollars each year on weight-loss products.
When it comes down to losing weight, there are millions of guidelines and diets which will tell you what and how to eat and which foods to avoid. However, in my opinion if you want to have lasting results you should never just be on certain "diet"for a certain period of a time. Instead you should choose a diet which is sustainable, healthy and based on some dietitians' recommendations. And this diet should last forever. It is called a healthy lifestyle and learning how to eat healthy for the rest of your life. If you have problems in this area, I would recommend you to see a nutrition specialist who could help you individually. My online Nutrition Packages are available here if you are interested.
There are many studies which indicate that the fact which matters the most is the calorie content and not the proportion of macro-nutrients that determi…

8 Tips to Relax When You're Busy

I had a really tough week the other week. It came to me as a surprise how tough it actually was.. I was busy at work (no time for drinking tea or sitting on a break ๐Ÿ˜…) and after work I had errands and schedules every day. Besides this I was solo parenting a lot, which puts my son in a weird mood.  This is not how I usually live my life because I try to plan my weeks so that I have time to just relax after work and literally just be at home. When you are busy at work, it helps, if you know that by the time you get home, you are not busy anymore and you don´t need to rush anywhere.. When I had this busy week I was wondering that do young couples with kids live like this every week? Anyway, as I was having this crazy week, I figured I could write about tips how to relax on a days like these when you don't have a lot of time to relax..

Here are my tips:Go to a sauna or have a warm bath. Sauna always makes me feel relaxed and sleepy. Swim in a lake (cold water will make you feel so r…

Heal Yourself with Spices and Herbs

Did you know that spices and herbs were used thousands of years ago to treat diseases? Today's Science also acknowledges the power of spices and herbs and their health benefits. What's so special about these? Among other things, spices and herbs help our body to protect it against free radicals, stress and different environmental factors.
Here are a few benefits of herbs:
Basil and garlic can prevent tumors. Chili improves circulation and also aids digestion. Cinnamon fights against diabetes. Add this to your oat porridge to give flavour and at the same time gain health benefits. Ginger on the other hand cures cold and nausea.

 Spices are full of antioxidants, their antioxidant content is bigger than any other food item so their effect on inflammation is impressive. The best thing about using spices is that only a few milligrams will do the trick. 

I have learnt to use spices/herbs in my every day cooking. I use herbs in smoothies, salads and when  I'm preparing any meal.…

The Best Method to Lose Weight

In my opinion what makes a person successful in losing weight is the person's motivation and determination. If you are determined to succeed you will succeed. No one can decide on your behalf, the initiation must come from you. After that comes the methods which you will choose. If I were to say what is the most important thing when trying to lose weight, it would be meal prepping. This really is the key to success. When you plan before hand all your meals, you have no choice but to succeed!By choosing healthy ingredients and preparing dishes over these, you don't need to count calories. At the end of the day what it comes down to is to eat basic nutrient dense food. It might sound boring but it's the truth. You don't need expensive superfoods, protein supplements,"magic pills" or weight loss drinks. Moreover, you don't have to think about your macros or how to divide them through your day. Planning your meals so that vegetables and whole food grains are…

Improve Your Health with this Tip

Nature heals. That's what people say and I couldn't agree more. As you know my family and I own a boat and we love to spend our time outdoors. I have always been an outdoor person but I haven't thought about why nature is important to me until recently. Since my holiday ended life has become more hectic. This leads that every time I feel that I'm busy I start to feel stressed out. Here is when I need to hit the pause button and stop to think how I want to live my life. As much as I love scheduling things, exercising and learning new things, there's only 24 hours in a day. I need to remind myself of that. So what do I do to stop the stress over coming my life? It's simple, I just connect with nature. I have a walk in the forest, swim in a lake, pick berries, water my plants. It can be whatever but the most beneficial for me is to pack up my bags and spend the entire weekend on our boat. 24 hours fresh air, green forests, blue and cold lakes guaranteed. Even foo…

How to Stay Young and Healthy

The other day I watched a really interesting BBC document about how to stay young and more specifically how to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease. As you get older your brains begin to shrink. As a result of this your cognitive skills diminish. How to prevent this? The key is to use your brains on a daily basis. More specifically scientists have discovered that learning a new language has the most efficient way to prevent dementia because learning will increase the size of your brain. According to these scientists other important ways to affect the size of your brain were

readingexercising in generallearning a new skill, such as playing guitarstudying
In the document researches investigated whether regular walks or ping poll plays had an effect on the brain tissue. The test groups walked or played ping poll for 2 hours per week. The results revealed that both test groups gained positive effects on their brain tissue because of their increased exercise. Moreover, their cognit…

8 Tips to Improve Your Health

Although I hate to admit it, fall is coming and summer will soon be behind us. But if you think positively,  fall is a great time to check your healthy habits and acquire new ones. Here are my 8 Tips how to improve your well being in this fall.
1.Consume less coffee or stop drinking it completely I did this again when my work started. During the summer time I enjoyed coffee maybe four times per weeks and in some weeks even every day. As school started I cut down coffee entirely and as a result my sleep has been soooo good. I wake up feeling refreshed and most importantly I don´t wake up during the night. Here is my dedicated post about How I quit drinking coffee and it changed my life.
2. Reduce the amount of sugar you eat Needless to say sugar is aging us and giving a lot of troubles to our bodies. I wrote about the harmful effects of sugar in here.
3. Drink one juice per day By this I don´t mean orange juice or apple juices sold in the store. Instead drink your own juices. Juicing

My Continuing Education

Just a brief update what's going on in my life right now.. School has started so I'm on a working mode and my son also started his first year of school. As a result of these changes life is pretty hectic again..In addition, as you know I'm passionate about nutrition and studying so I decided to start my next journey on the field of education.. As it is, I am studying to become a Functional Medicine Nutrition Coach. The Functional medicine has always intrigued me because it always tries to find out WHY something is wrong with your body instead of just treating the symptoms. Although these studies take time (there are many courses in the university and in the corporate level which I need to take), I'm in no hurry and finish courses when ever I can. Previously I have had troubles in getting involved in too many things and as an outcome I have been very tired and stressed out. However, now I am aware of my limits so I will take it easy and not put too much pressure on mys…

Avoid these 2 Things and Your Health Will Improve Tremendously

As I have been studying nutrition even further, I have noticed certain recommendations in many researches or common factors in healthy diets. So I came up with a post relating to two things people should avoid the most in order to improve their health. In this post I will share these with you. Let’s jump right to it, shall we?
Number 1: Sugar and Processed Food
Needless to say if you consume excess amounts of sugar it will cause a lot of problems in your body. The excess sugar will make your insulin levels spike which will have an effect on your pancreas. As your pancreas will have to produce more and more insulin, it will result to the fact that the insulin will loose its effect. Your system is overwhelmed with all the excess insulin and over time insulin cannot make it to feed your cells. This will lead to insulin resistance and eventually you will need medication. In addition, your body’s hormone systems will be disturbed. Your cortisol levels will rise which will lead to even mor…

Health Tips for Women Over 25

Once you hit your thirties, you will see that weight loss and recovery is not that easy as it used to be when you were on your twenties. When you age, your body will age too. However, this doesn't meant that you couldn't be fit in thirties, forties or even in your fifties! I think I am fitter and healthier than I was the year before and now I'm in my thirties..But of course there are certain factors you need to bear in mind when you workout as you get older. Below are some facts and tips how to stay healthy and young as you hit your thirties.

1.First let's face it: your body will age. This means that your recovery is slower and it takes more time. All the more reason to invest in your recovery: get enough sleep, have adequate rest days and eat nutrient dense food. These three areas are the most important things to take care of if you want to develop and get fitter. I have noticed that especially taking more rest days than before is crucial for developing my aerobic en…

Workout Plans

As I started my education in the Fitness world by becoming a Personal Trainer, it only feels natural to design workout programs as well. Therefore, I finally had a few quiet afternoons to just plan and implement two online workout plans: Fit for life Basic and Fit for life Advanced. Fit for life Basic and Fit for life Advanced are designed for helping you to make exercise as a part of your life and therefore live a healthier life. 

Fit for life Basic (8 WEEKS) includes
Different workouts for every week including 1-2 x full body body weight workout (video)2 x steady state run/walk1x yoga/stretching Every week the intensity rises which will guarantee a development in your fitness level.

For WHO will it suite? This workout is for EVERYONE, especially
who hasn´t exercised or been active for a while and now wants to get fitbasic level concept with basic movementsno equipments needed (no gym membership either)no previous training in a gym neededgentle form of exerciseimproves general fitness …

How to Recover More Quickly

This post idea came to my mind when I was quite exhausted of my weekend which consisted of three football games in consecutive days. As I wanted to improve my recovery, I went for an evening swim in a cold lake. Side note, this was in early June so the water was quite cold. First it wasn’t quite tempting to swim in a 13 degree lake but after I rose from the water it felt SO good. My body didn’t ache anymore and I truly felt empowered! Therefore this is my tip for you how to recover from a hard workout: 
Swim in a cold lake!
Or if this isn’t possible for you take a really cold shower or a bath. I guarantee you that after the first shock you will feel amazing!!

Lots of love,

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A Day in My Life

Today's post is a a day in a life with me ๐Ÿ’— This is a day in my early summer holiday in June. First, let's be honest here. There's never enough hours in the day no matter how you spend your day but I wouldn't have it any other way: I love my life as it is ๐Ÿ’— Now that summer is here I am truly living my best life: enjoying slow mornings or early walks in the forest, spending time with my munchkin, playing football, travelling, spending time in our boat and exploring new places... and the list goes on!
I love these "day in the life peeks" so much so I hope you'll enjoy this.
MORNING I got into a wake up early habit a few years ago but I got off the groove somewhere and started again.. This morning I woke up just before 6 when my husband was leaving for work. As a result of this and especially the noise coming from downstairs as my husband was packing up, my son woke up as well. So I decided to get up too. I went for a little walk in the forest. The point …

How to Eat Healthier on a Budget

Let's face it: everyone wants to eat healthy but sometimes healthy food can be quite pricey compared to processed foods. But don't worry. Here are 10 tips how to stretch your money:

1. Plan Go shopping only twice a week when you buy most of your food items. Shopping every day will increase your grocery bill because there is always something extra you will buy. The best thing to save money is to shop less and always go shopping with a list. In the groceries stick to your list!

2. Get the Best Price Compare a few grocery shop. Shop where the food items you normally use are cheaper.
3. Compare and Contrast Goes with the former one. Also compare between products. However, bare in mind that the cheaper one is not always a good quality product. Investing in your health is always a smart thing to do. 

4. Buy in Bulk It is affordable to buy in packs. Follow the sales!
5. Buy in SeasonIt is wise to buy fruits and vegetables which are in season. They taste better and are cheaper than oth…