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Detox Juice

Is there anyone else who is feeling a little bit under the weather right now? Yup, me too.. I decided that I will not give in this time and started my own war against it with this detox juice 😋 It does wonders to your body and immune system but it also tastes so good and fresh. One of my favorite ingredient in juices is ginger.  I simply love ginger! My healthy shot:one orange ginger 6 garlic cloves one lemon

Why these ingredients? Lemon Lemon contains ascorbic asic which helps to detoxify the body. It also supports your digestive system and hydrates your body. It will balance your body's PH-levels. 
Ginger Ginger is very antioxidant and inflammatory. It enhances the body's bile flow. Ginger has many medicinal properties, such as reduce nausea, help fight the flu and it may reduce muscle pain and soreness. 
Garlic Garlic also has medicinal properties and contains antioxidants. Garlic is highly nutritious (contains Manganese, VitaminB6, Vitamin C and Selenium). Garlic boosts the…

I Gave up Coffee Again!

Previously I wrote about How becoming a morning person made me more productive and at the end of the post I promised to share my tips how to become a morning person. However, I will post that  on the weekend because it is still work in progress..In the meanwhile I have a confession to make... Remember when I wrote about I quit drinking coffee and it changed my life. Well I have a confession to make... I somehow got addicted to that stuff again! As you know, I continued my university studies in December and I have always combined a cup of hot java with studying and one thing let to another.. I went from having occasional coffee twice a week to once a day... And now I want to detox myself again..
Ok, so why do I want to give up coffee again?Because it tastes so damn good until it isn't healthy for me anymore... Last time when I stopped drinking it, I felt better and more energetic throughout my day. Here you can read more.I know I will sleep better without it running in my systems. 

How Becoming a Morning Person Made Me More Productive

Happy Valentine's Day! Because it is Valentine's Day I thought that I would give you different tip today. Or maybe it is not an actual tip rather than I'm giving you a different perspective in the way you could see and face your mornings.. First a simple question for you. Would you like to wake up every day excited and feeling like it is Christmas as you did when you were a child? I definitely do but let's be honest here.. First, I love to have a long night sleep which means sleeping as late as I want or until I am "ready" to wake up.  Secondly, I have never been a morning person. In fact, as long as I can remember I have loved those mornings when I was able to sleep as long as I could. I remember how excited I felt when my maternity leave started and I was able to sleep as late as I wanted (of course my baby wasn't born yet). But things started to change when my son came into this world and boy it changed a lot! Suddenly I was forced to get up many time…

Can You Burn as Much as Calories in a Rest Day And in an Active Day?

How many calories do I burn on a rest day when I am practically "not working out"? What about how many calories will I burn on a gym day? I decided it was time to find out! Also, I wanted to use my Fitbit Charge2  steps calculator to see how many steps I took in both of these days .Guess which day is more productive in terms of steps: active rest day or passive day at the office with a workout session? a) Rest Day:I was working from 8 am to 2 pm and I was pretty active throughout the day. In the evening I went for a short walk (10 minutes) with my son. 
b) Active Day:I was working from 8am to 10 am. After this I studied on my computer until 2 pm. I walked to preschool and back, altogether 2 km. In the evening I went to football practice.

Can you believe that during both of these days I gained almost the same average 13 000 steps? On Friday (Active Day) my calorie expenditure was 2184 and I took 13644 steps, where as on Thursday I burned 2077 calories and took 12500 steps. Thi…

It's All About Motivation Or Is It?

Let's talk about motivation. It is the fuel to your actions but surely you cannot always be motivated, right? You don't. It's only human to be unmotivated from time to time. However, in these situations what really counts is your routines. If you are used to exercise, you will do that despite of the lack of motivation...Having said this, there are times when you need an extra boost to get things done and in this post I will give you tips how to stay motivated or where to find motivation.

My motivation tips:Get a plan. Put it on paper, sign up for exercise classes, hire a PT, get a gym membership or encourage your friend to join to your own challenge.
Remember how you will feel at the end of your work out. I have never regretted in going for a run or a gym afterwards!

Give yourself an extrinsic reward, may it be a smoothie, watching your favorite series on Netflix, raw chocolate, new workout clothes or whatever. Over time the motivation becomes intrinsic as your brain begins…

Why Aren't You Losing Weight?

I hope you have had a good start to your New Year in the forms of exercise and healthy eating habits! However, sometimes after you have succeeded in losing few kilos, your weight loss stops and it seems that you are not doing any progress. By the way, I encourage you to check your progress with a measuring tape or use those tight clothes, rather than using scales.. So, if you have tried to lose weight for a month and you have had only little progress, I suggest that you should consider if any of the following circumstances suit your case:
Why aren't you losing weight?Our bodies hold on to the fat if we are too stressed and our metabolism slows down. Check your stress levels.
You are not sleeping enough and your muscles and body cannot recover from your daily activities. Read my previous post on how to improve your sleep. 
You exercise too much. Take extra rest days. Be careful with over training! Read here how to optimize your recovery.
You eat too little and your body holds on ever…

How to Tackle a Busy Day?

How to manage busy days and find time to exercise on these days?
Last Wednesday I had a super busy day but I was still able to fit a workout in my day. This was all possible because
a) I planned my day thoroughly (on Tuesday evening I packed my gym gears, lunch and protein drink) b) I didn't want to miss my workout (so I prioritized it) and c) I decided that no matter what, I will stick to my plan. Here is how my Wednesday looked like: I woke up 6 am.I worked from 8 am to 1 pm.After work, around 1.15 pm I rushed to the gym and had a quick HIIT -workout (about 45 minutes).At 2.15 pm I was picking up my son from preschool.At 2.30 pm I had a quick snack and studied (I am finishing my master's degree in English).At 5pm I finished studying but I needed fresh air so I went for a walk (this was really nice! I needed to clear my head in the fresh air).At 5.30pm I made some dinner preparations and house chores.At 7pm I watched The Designated Survivor (highly recommend!)on Netflix and r…

What´s Up

I decided I would come here quickly and tell what's up right now in my life. Last time I wrote I was feeling a little stressed out and now that I re-arranged my schedule, I am feeling better. Sometimes the stress is just in your head and when you make changes in your calendar, you will see the stress melting away... I needed to take some more me time in order to slow down a bit. Having said this, writing and blogging gives me so much and perhaps even more than I realized. Even if I am helping or inspiring only one person, that is enough for me. I write this blog to my readers as well as to myself. It is a win-win situation.
"If you are helping somebody, you are awakening somebody."
"Without realizing who you are, happiness    cannot come to you."
"Kindness is the essence of life."

Lastly I would like to ask you what health foods are you struggling to eat? I will try to create some ideas or tips how to incorporate them into your daily diet.
Coming up in …

Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies or smoothie bowls are really popular nowadays and I can see the reason why: they are quick and easy to prepare and by consuming them you can add nutritional value to your day. Here’s a post to you about my favorite smoothies.
Strawberry blissStrawberries1 frozen bananaWaterProtein powder*For some extra nutritional value you can add Maca powder* and Green powder*.
Sweet Red Frozen lingonberriesA cup of spinachSunflower seedsFrozen bananaProtein powder*Water(Maca powder, Green powder)
Power Punch BlackcurrantsA cup of Basil leavesFrozen bananaProtein powder*Sunflower seedsWater Fresh and Sweet (includes dairy) 2dl quarkBlueberries/raspberriesFrozen bananaWaterProtein powder*

I personally use just water as a liquid because I don’t use dairy or don’t want to waste my money on almond milk or oat milk. Water will just do the same trick! You can vary your smoothies by using different protein powders. I usually use unflavored and unsweetened ones because I like that my smoothies get t…

11 Tips How to Optimize Your Recovery

The basic factors in general wellbeing are sleep, exercise, rest and food. Thus, what makes a fitness or wellness program successful is the relationship between rest and active days. In an optimized wellness or fitness program rest and recovery has a significant role. In fact, all the development happens when your body and muscles have enough time to recover from exercises. So as you start to exercise more and regularly it is important to remember to schedule enough rest days and rest weeks to your work out plans. For some people, like me, who get too excited about sports and working out in general, adding recovery weeks in every 6-7 weeks will ensure that you will not end up having OTS (Overtraining Syndrome). 
What is OTS? 
It is a severe condition you could acquire if you train too hard, too often and have little recovery. Over-training can cause sleep problems, weight gain, cravings and poor immune system functions. Top coaches and personal trainers know that the secret in gettin…

What's in My Grocery Bag?

For those of you who love to watch and peek into other people´s 'what I eat in a day' or 'what's inside my grocery bag', here is a post to you 💗 Today`s post will be about what's in my grocery bag. I made a food haul from Lidl. Usually I shop in bigger supermarkets, because they have a better selection of vegetables and fruits and their products are cheaper. Ultimately, the fact that matters most to me is the grocery store's selection on fruits and vegetables. I want to buy good quality and fresh produce. I try to make one bigger haul during the weekends when I buy most of our food items, such as meat, milk, grains and fruits. Then during the week I usually buy vegetables, bread and fruits because they don´t stay fresh that long.
Follow me through my mini-haul:

This time I bought:snacks: raw date bars and licorice protein bars from Sportyfeel nuts and grains: these are really handy at work!cherry tomatoes: my absolute favourite as a snack.fruits: bananas,…