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PMS -What Is It?

According to a study 20% suffer from PMS badly enough to acquire medical help. Modern medicine may say that you cannot prevent PMS and in the severe cases offers pills or hormonal treatments. However, functional medicine says there is a lot you can do naturally to prevent these symptoms mostly by paying attention to your diet. I am a good example of this: when I changed my diet, all my PMS symptoms disappeared. Nowadays I am mostly surprised when I have my periods because I don’t have all the PMS signs to warn me. And that is a good thing! In this post I will explain what PMS actually is and where does it come from. 


PMS is all about hormonal imbalance. As your cycle comes to an end, your body’s progesterone and estrogen levels will drop. This will lead to decrease in serotonin and dopamine levels. What does dopamine or serotonine do in your body? Dopamine will make you feel energetic and you will feel good. Serotonine will also affect your mood, appetite and sexual desire. 

These changes in progesterone and estrogen levels will lead to

feeling blue
changes in your appetite (you will crave processed food and sugary treats)
sleep disorders

There have been studies which indicate that people who suffer from more PMS symptoms have few things in common: they have the "wrong" unhealthy diet, they consume triple times sugar compared to average persons and they eat more processed food.

 In the next post I will share some of the things which have helped me to prevent PMS and also studies to support these. Stay tuned!


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