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Florida -the Sunshine State

Time for my Florida post. This is not a typical "you should visit that place" post, instead I will tell you my holiday observations about Florida (what has changed over the last 10 years since I was there last time and what surprised me).

My Holiday Observations:

  • No wonder Americans are getting fatter every year. We did many road trips along the way and the best decision we made was to make snacks for the ride. On the road there were only Dunkin Donuts,  Wendy´s, McDonald´s , JFK or other fast food chain restaurants which offer you fried chicken, fatty donuts and sugary beverages. Instead our snacks were salads (very good variety of ready to eat salads at Walmart or Publix), carrots, grapes, water and coffee. However, in a perfect world my son would also eat what we eat but as this is real-life my son wanted nuggets and fries 😀 so I let him have them.
  • Is there a vegan trend in US like it is in Europe? I noticed that in normal or regular restaurants there weren´t that many vegan options. That didn´t really bother me because I am not a vegan but I just wondered why..
  • What has happened to the prices in US? I know that dollar´s course has changed and you won´t get that many euros with one dollar but still... Last time we were in Florida eight years ago, it was quite affordable to eat out in restaurants and also the fares to theme parks weren´t that bad. However, now it was quite pricey to visit theme parks. For example if you are a family of three, one day fare to the Universal Studio´s theme park were 300 e and that is a minimum amount. I say that is quite a lot of money to spend in a day excluding food and drinks. So we decided not to go there as we had already visited that theme park 8 years ago and it was not as impressive as the same studio in LA. Moreover, there was not anything interesting to a 6 year old. He is not interested in roller coasters or mummy rides. Instead we went to the ICON center which is a new attractions located quite next to the Universal studios. There we went to a Skeletons museum and the ICON wheel. 

Recommended places to visit

  • Captain Pip´s Snorkeling. This is a must if you are visiting the Keys and love snorkeling. Also in this tip I recommend that you chat with locals, you will learn a lot! We chatted with our snorkeling guide who said that the weather has changed a lot during the last 10 years: before it rained a little bit every day, now it can be dry for weeks or rain many days in a row. Goes to show how our climate is actually changing.

  • Key West: the ride after 7 mile bridge is stunning. Miles and miles of picturesque turquoise water all around you takes your breath away. You need to see it in order to believe it!

  • Rent a car: it´s cheap and you can visit several cities and make your own timetable!
Last but not least,I got a comment that something was up with my online coaches, so now I have changed it into new website. Everything should be working now. Have you checked them out?

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