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There's No Place Like Home

I'm back at home and boy it feels good to lie in my own bed and be back on my daily routines

As I was travelling home I had a lot of time to think about life and especially social media. By the way it felt great to be off line during daytime. It made me be more present and enjoy each moment without constant disruptions from my phone. This is something I intent to add in my daily life now that I'm back in business.

 Back to the topic at hand.. As I was saying about social media, it's interesting how you get a certain picture of someone based on social media. For instance I usually post healthy food pictures because I want to inspire people to eat healthy and I live as I preach. Having said this, I still indulge and I have a sweet tooth. The other day my colleague was surprised as I was having a donut with my tea at work. It made me laugh and I realized that do most people actually think I don't eat "unhealthy" food? The reason why I normally don't eat shitty food is that it makes me feel bad afterwards. But ok, let me just tell what I ate during my holiday in the US.. I ate a lot of desserts, such as McFlurries, carrot cakes, brownies and sweets. Did it make me feel good? At that moment yes but after a while I started to crave healthier options. My body started to crave greens and smoothies. I could have indulged all the way until the end of my long holiday but I started to feel bad and my skin was breaking out. That if something is a result of bad diet, I tell you. In addition, I was drinking way too much coffee. Just because I love Starbucks.. Can you see that I was living on the edge 😅

All in all, I would say that nowadays I have a healthy intake on food. Before I would have shamed myself for eating so much crap but I don't do that to myself anymore. There's no point to cry over spoiled milk. Life is too short. You need to live a little.

You got to have healthy snacks at hand when travelling

Going to the gym is always a part of my holiday routines

One of the best carrot cakes which I have eaten

Large coffee on a road trip

Ok, enough about my eating habits. How about my exercise routines during this trip? Usually on holidays I work out a lot. Travelling gives me a lot of motivation to work out. Maybe it's the new places which makes me feel excited and when I feel excited I want to exercise a lot. At the beginning of a holiday I think it's important to exercise so that you will get rid of jet lag and bloating which long flights will cause. However, I listen to my body and this time it craved exercise, especially in the mornings.  Therefore I did cardio in the morning (not every day) and weight training during the day time. 

This was long and out of the ordinary post but sometimes you need to shake things up a little, eh?

Until next time,


P.S. Coming up a travel post about Florida.

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