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The Holiday of My Life

It´s fall holiday and I´m in a my favourite country, in the US.
It has been a long time since the last time I was here and therefore I am enjoying every moment of my trip! So as I am here I´m trying to live my life and focus on being present and forget about everything else. It has been a hectic fall so I am really enjoying my time without any schedules. Some of you might wonder why I haven't been posting as much as I did in the summer time.. Well, I am trying to find some balance in my life. I am often quite tired after work and I want to relax and spend time with my family and not be on my computer. This new posting pace has been better for me. I have a lot of ideas for blog posts but I haven´t got the time to sit down, write posts and download pictures. That being said, I still love blogging and I came here because I wanted you to have an insight on my trip. I will do a separate post on my trip later.  

Below are some pictures of my trip. Can you guess where I am?

The best things in this trip have been:

❤ drinking morning coffee in peace
❤ morning workouts
❤ slow mornings after breakfast
❤ waking up before the sunrise
❤ swimming in the ocean
❤ being without schedules and spending time together as a family
❤ sun therapy
❤ hotel breakfast
❤ the quietness

I don't know if it is the fall and dark winter time that is coming but lately I have been interested in finding more time to relax and finding a good balance between work and rest. Now it is easy to relax and quiet my mind when I'm on a holiday but I want to continue this feeling afterwards. I want to forget about being busy all the time and focus on the present. For me being outdoors have always helped me to de-stress and live in the moment.  In my opinion it is crucial to have some me-time or self care time every day, to reload your batteries. These can be small things, such as going for a short walks, reading a book. To do things that make you happy. I have a few blog post ideas about balance. I'll get back on this later on. Now it's time to continue my off-line time (this has also helped me to de-stress).

I hope you will find a good balance in your life.


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