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Self-Care Series Part 1: How to Get Started

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

This year I have really become interested in self-care. I have read many books about it and I've tried to incorporate some self-care in my every week. I have to admit that being a working mum that isn't always easy but I want to learn how to be better at it. Also I want to practise what I preach. As a result of this I thought  I would do a post series about self-care. So here comes the first self-care post. This time it is a guest post from Brad Krause

Invaluable Acts of Self-Care You Should Do Today to Boost Your Mental Well-Being

Research has found that only about 6 percent of adults practice some form of self-care every day. This is unacceptable. Self-care, or the practice of doing things of personal benefit to make yourself a better, healthier, happier person, is vital to your overall well-being—especially that of your brain. Don’t be fooled by the other part of your brain telling you it’s selfish and unnecessary. Your mind, body, and soul need self-care. Here are some ways to get started with it today.

Make eating healthy easier

There is a lot of evidence suggesting that diets low in processed carbs, sugar, and meat, and high in colorful fruits and vegetables, can make you an all-around healthier and happier person. The hard part about eating a diet like this is that it’s often not convenient—drive-thru double cheeseburgers are. One way to prioritize your self-care is to make healthy eating easier, and the best way to do that is with a fresh food delivery service. Having a ready-to-cook meal delivered to your door helps you eat healthy by providing variety, convenience, and portion control.

Leave work at work

Telling your boss no isn’t always advised, but in the context of “saying no” for the sake of self-care, it’s the right thing to do. Specifically, what we mean is to tell your work responsibilities that they need to back off for a bit—particularly when you’re at home. Don’t check your work email at night. Don’t catch up on those reports. Don’t conference call a coworker about an upcoming project. Your work can wait. Your chill time is invaluable. You should leave work at work.

Pamper yourself to sleep

Prioritizing good quality sleep may be the best act of self-care there is. We know that poor sleep can lead to or exacerbate a scary list of health problems, including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and digestive issues. But we sometimes fail to think about just how much of a negative effect poor sleep has on our overall mental well-being. It can lead to depression, anxiety, mental fatigue, and more.

Good self-care is doing whatever you can to get better sleep. Invest in some pampering aides. Buy yourself more comfortable bedding. Practice relaxation techniques at night (yoga, meditation, focused breathing, aromatherapy). You’re worth the time, money, and energy.

Do something just for you

What a novel concept, right? It’s hard to justify doing something just for yourself. It doesn’t have to be productive (though it can be), and it doesn’t have to benefit your kids, partner, family members, or coworkers. At first, taking the time for a pure act of self-care can cause you more stress than it relieves—but this will fade over time. Condition your mind to appreciate acts of self-care. That’s when you’ll truly be able to relax and recharge. The possibilities here are endless.


● Coloring or painting
● Playing your guitar or piano
● Going on a walk
● Swinging in a hammock
● Reading a trashy novel
● Playing with your dog
● Taking a nap
● Dancing in your underwear

The point is to bust some stress. That’s all. You’ll be a better person if every day involves some form of free activity.

Your mind cannot be healthy if you don’t take time to make it so. That’s what self-care is. Mental well-being, in turn, positively affects other aspects of your life; your relationship with your friends, family, and partner; your ability to be a good parent; your creativity at work; your physical health. It’s all connected. So take time for self-care. It’s not optional.

I hope you enjoyed this guest post,


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