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This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and for many people it means time to relax and enjoy Christmas treats. Despite of my body's reactions to gluten and dairy, I have celebrated my Christmas in a quite traditional manner eating all the traditional Christmas foods, such as carrot and turnip casserole, rice porridge, various types of cheese and plum quark. However, after enjoying these meals, as you can assume, I have not felt so good. Thus this year I have considered to change this. Why give yourself stomach ache and bloating just for the sake of holidays? Previously when we had Christmas lunch with someone else's house I didn't want to "offend" anyone, so I ate what was served. Having said this, this Christmas will be different because we decided to stay at our house.  So accordingly, we will serve our "own" menu which will be suitable for everyone. I was thinking about preparing ham, some healthy salads, salmon, potatoes and some casseroles for my son. After making this decision, I felt liberated: we could just stay at home and do whatever we want at our own schedule. Also, this year my Christmas holiday started kind of late (today), so celebrating Christmas by our own way feels worry free because I don't have to stress about cooking. I'll prepare salads on Christmas Eve and I will make some casseroles tomorrow. My husband will cook the ham. On Christmas Eve we will invite some relatives to our place and have some coffee and cakes with them. 

So now I have done all the shopping, I only need a clean house and some food. That being said, I would like to try to take it easy with cleaning and cooking. It is easier said than done because it is hard for me to just sit around and do nothing ๐Ÿ˜€ However, I will try as I have a busy spring coming up as I am continuing my studies in the field of nutrition. Don´t get me wrong, I am very excited about these courses and this is my choice to do while still working full-time. I find studying gives something extra to my life as I enjoy learning new things. There´s so much to learn!

During this Christmas I will

๐Ÿ’—do a snow angel
๐Ÿ’—take long walks in the forest
๐Ÿ’—wake up early before my family wakes up
๐Ÿ’—go to the gym (old habits die hard ๐Ÿ˜‚)
๐Ÿ’—bake with my son
๐Ÿ’—go on a slide adventure
๐Ÿ’—listen to podcasts
๐Ÿ’—light up candles and chill
๐Ÿ’—enjoy the silence
๐Ÿ’—try to dip in a lake if there´s a hole
๐Ÿ’—read interesting books

Here are a few inspiring book recommendations for you if you are interested in reading:

  • Miracle Morning *: Very inspiring book about how you can wake up every day feeling like it is Christmas! This changed the way I wake up in the mornings.

  • Outlander *: if you have seen or heard about this TV -series, I can guarantee that these books are even more intriguing and you cannot stop reading it!

  • Alejandro Junger: The Clean: A medical doctor who writes about gut health and how important it is to eat healthy to avoid getting diseases.

  • Mathew Walker: Why we sleep?: Right now I am obsessed with this book. Reading this makes me want to invest in my sleep even more! One of the best books I have read.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

๐Ÿ’— Jennikatja

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