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Self-care series (2): 12 Tips to Do It

This is the second part of my self-care series. Before reading this one, check the first post here.
 Below are tips how to practice more self-care. Choose to implement one new idea every new week and you are on a good start!
❤ Go cloud watching.

❤ Do a mini meditation.

❤ Do one thing today because it makes you happy.

❤ Do a mini-declutter: recycle four items from your wardrobe.

❤ Unplug for an hour. Ignore your phone and internet.

❤ Plan yourself a pampering day. Book a massage, a hairdresser or a manicure.

❤ Take a bus ride. Watch the scenery and enjoy the road.

❤ Put your favourite tune on and boogie.

❤ Be still for 5 minutes. Just sit down or lie down and breath.

❤ Get 15 minutes of sun.

❤ Have a good laugh.

❤ Take a power nap: 15 to 20 minutes is enough.

As December is a bit quieter time in blogs in general, I will skip one week and be back to posting on my Christmas holiday. I hope you also slow down a bit for Christmas. Enjoy a warm cup of tea, burn candles and listen to Christmas carols ?…

My View on Health

Holistic Health
My view on health is holistic. I believe in treating people as seeing everything from many perspectives. Wellness is a sum of the following things: sleep, rest, nutrition and exercise. If you want to feel good and healthy then you need to have enough rest, eat nutrient dense food and exercise on a regular basis. If you succeed in every area then you will feel great. On the other hand, if you are constantly sleep deprived you cannot expect your diet to fix everything. In addition your thoughts influence the way you think. If you are on a positive mindset then you will experience more positive outcomes. Positive thinking is very important to your health. Your mind is a powerful thing. Never expect anything less. Lastly, the relationship will have an impact on your health as well. Surround yourself with positive people who will support you on your way to a better health.
Gut Health Your gut is your second brain. Did you know that 80 % of your immune system is in your gut…

Blogging for 1 Year+ Top Ten Nutrition Posts

It´s my blog´s anniversary. I have been blogging for a year now. How times fly.. When I started this blog, I thought that I would write about anything relating to wellness. However, now there has been a slight shift in my posts as I have been studying more about nutrition. Currently I am continuing my education as I am studying to become a functional medicine nutrition adviser by ProHealth. 
As I started to write my blog I was doing it for the fun and I wanted to share my knowledge in health. Now I really enjoy other things relating blogging, such as taking pictures, thinking about photoshoots, planning post ideas, finding and reading interesting researches and I have set up my own business Jennikatja. Now I can offer help for even more people. Taking good care of your health is the most important thing you can do to yourself.
Because of the anniversary and the fact that nutrition intrigues me even more, I decided to post my top ten nutrition posts. Hope you enjoy reading them!

Top 1…