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Techniques and Exercises for Recovery

Here is the part 2 of the last week´s recovery guest post byNate Martins. It has been originally published on HVMN.Click here to read the previous post. Techniques and Exercises for Recovery
Let’s get into the specifics of what you can do to help the body recover faster. By using exercises targeted at certain muscles, not only will those muscles recover faster–they’ll also get stronger in the process.
Active Recovery: Getting Stronger and Building Muscle

This type of recovery focuses on exercise intensity at low-to-moderate levels. Studies have shown that it’s best for the performance of endurance athletes.26 Active recovery is successful mostly due to its ability to more rapidly remove blood lactate, facilitating blood flow and giving the body the ability to process excess lactate produced during periods of intense exercise.27

Cross training is also a great way to engage in active recovery while enhancing aerobic fitness without putting the body through the same stress as your normal work…
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Aiheuttaako elänproteiini syöpää?

Hiihtoloman aikana katsoin Netflixistä muutaman ravintoaiheisen dokumentin. Yksi niistä oli Forks Over Knives.
Forks over knives dokumentti on muutaman henkilön tarina siitä, miten he pystyvät laihtumaan ja parantamaan terveyttään ruokavalion avulla. Heidän ruokavalionsa on lähinnä kasvispainoitteinen, jossa eläinproteiinin määrä on rajattu. Dokumentissa on paljon tieteellisiä faktoja, joita jakavat alansa johtavat asiantuntijat Tohtori T. Colin Campbell ja Caldwell Esselstyn.

Dokumentin pääsanomaksi voisi sanoa seuraavaa "kasvispainotteinen ruokavalio on avain optimaaliseen terveyteen". Dokumentissa esitellään monia tieteellisiä tutkimuksia, jotka puoltavat kasvispainotteista ruokavaliota.

Dokumentti sai ainakin minut pohtimaan el√§inper√§isen proteiinin k√§ytt√∂√§ ja siksi halusinkin lukea aiheesta lis√§tutkimuksia. P√§√§dyinkin ostamaan Tohtori Campbellin China Study -kirjan, jossa h√§n esittelee uransa aikana tekemi√§√§n omia tutkimustuloksia. Kirja on hyvin vaikuttava jo kooltaan…

This Holiday

It´s that time of the year when we have our spring break at primary schools. This year I won´t be travelling very far because I need to do a little bit of catching up with my studies. Last year I travelled to Qatar to see my friend. Here (The Picturesque Pearl) and here (My View on Doha) are my travel posts about that trip if you are interested.. However, this year we will do a short getaway to a nearby spa. What else am I up to in this holiday?

This holiday I will wake up early and get my studies in order
go to bed early
sleep at least 9 hours each night
spend time outdoors
breathe fresh spring air
spend quality time with my son
eat well
drink a green juice every morning
try to stay relaxed and positive
load my batteries for the upcoming spring events
focus on breathing
catch the rays of the spring sun
do morning yoga
do morning runs
take a sun bathe on the ice
visit a spa
just chill

All the best,
ūüíó Jennikatja

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How to Lose the Last Few Pounds

There’s no denying it.. Losing weight is difficult. It requires a lot of commitment and hard work. According to a research 40% of women and 25% of men are constantly on a diet. The bad news is that only a few of these will succeed. However, there is one common factor which units those who succeed: they succeed who commit making permanent life style changes. Once you learn new ways of eating there is no going back to the old habits.

Why is it difficult to lose the last few pounds? Because the human body prefers not to be on a diet. Everyone has a steady state weight that the body tries to maintain. 
What can you do about it?
1. Change up your workout routine
Increase the intensity. Instead of steady state runs or walks, do few sprints. Or if you don’t want to do this, expand your workouts for 15-20 minutes.
2. Strength train at least twice per week People with larger muscle mass burn more calories. Also the epoc (after workout consumption) is greater. Meaning you will burn more calories…

Kuinka pudottaa viimeiset 5 kiloa?

Tutkimusten mukaan 40% naisista ja 25% miehist√§ on jatkuvasti dieetill√§. Jos painonpudottaminen ja varsinkin pysyv√§ painonhallinta olisi helppoa, n√§m√§ luvut olisivat varmaan pienemm√§t.. T√§st√§ p√§√§st√§√§nkin itse asiaan sill√§ useat painonhallintaan liittyv√§t tutkimukset kertovat, ett√§ on helpompaa pudottaa muutama kilo kuin hallita painoa pitk√§ll√§ t√§ht√§imell√§. Paino kuin tuppaa nousemaan takaisin entisiin mittoihin. Er√§√§ss√§ painonpudotus tutkimuksessa tutkittiin sit√§, miten pysyvi√§ tuloksia laihduttajat saivat aikaan, joten tutkimukseen osallistuneita laihduttajia seurattiin viiden vuoden ajan. Tutkimuksen tuloksena oli, ett√§ vain 5 % tutkituista laihduttajista onnistuivat painonhallinnassa viiden vuoden kuluttua. N√§m√§ 5 % olivat siis pudottaneet painoaan sill√§ tavalla, ettei paino noussut takaisin entisiin lukemiin. Toisin sanoen 95% laihduttajista palasi vanhoihin mittoihinsa. T√§m√§ saattaa kuulostaa masentavalta mutta ei kannata vaipua ep√§toivoon, sill√§ oikeilla ty√∂kaluilla pysyv√§ pain…

Simple Tips for a Successful Weight Loss

Lately I´ve been thinking about my blog and the direction I´m going with it. Previously, I have started to write also in Finnish because people have been asking for it. So now I´m thinking that should I write only in Finnish or both English and Finnish? I have already written some posts in English so I will publish them first, like this one. But after I have published these I will write Finnish posts and sometimes posts in English.

 It should come no surprise that part of a successful weight loss involves a diet and exercise. The regular rules are eat less, exercise more and watch the pounds melt away. How then apply this knowledge into action? I´m afraid there is no perfect diet or an exercise program which fill fit for all.
You have to try and see what works our for you. What I can assure you is that current weight loss is possible IF you adopt healthy life style habits and not just follow a diet for a certain period of time. There have been studies which indicate that 90 % of weight …