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Simple and Effective Weight Loss Tips

As January is a time when people decide to try new diets and want to lose extra weight, I decided to publish my posts about diets. In these posts I have shared many simple and easy tips how to lose weight. Here they are:

The Best Method to Lose Weight

2 Simple Tips How to Lose Weight

The Battle of Diets

5 Effective Weight Loss Tips

The Secret to a Successful Weight Loss

Spring Clean Your Diet

How I Stopped Stress Eating

5 Tips How to Lose Weight

Ultimately what it comes down to is changing your eating habits, meaning eating regularly every 3 to 4 hours and choosing healthier options. And lastly, sticking to your choices in the long run!

Hope you found these tips helpful,
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Recent posts

No Stress in Cape Verde

Africa meets Middle East. That is my description of Cape Verde island Boa Vista. This was my second time in Africa, previously I visited South Africa four years ago. My experiences of Middle East date back to 2016-2017. So I would say that Boa Vista has parts of both of these countries. As a tourism place it has a lot to offer: many kilometres of fine beach, lovely weather, friendly people and good food. 
The motto in this island is no stress. And that is the atmosphere in Boa Vista. We were staying in a five star all in clusive hotel so we didn't have to stress about anything. Food and beach access was always available. Although we ate a lot, I didn't feel bloated after our trip. You can read my older post about how to stay in shape on holidays.

I would recommend this place for everyone. I think the place will start to attract even more tourists in the future because tourism hasn't reached its potentials. There are many quiet areas in the island although our hotel was fu…

The Healthy Habits of Healthy People

Time to talk about healthy habits. Who doesn´t want to live healthy? Right, I thought so too.. I did some research on how healthy people live. I found following healthy habits of healthy people.
1. Move Your Body on a Daily Basis
Don´t forget to strength train! As you age your muscles will get weaker so it is important to train them actively. Work out as much as possible so you will get fresh air and vitamin D.
2. Have BreakfastHealthy people always have breakfast. I hope you do the same. It makes a lot of difference.
3. Invest in Your Recovery and SleepRead my previous post about sleep in here.

4. Don´t Drink or SmokeI don´t drink at all. However, if sometimes I drink a glass of wine while eating out, the next morning reminds me the reasons why I don´t do this. After a few drinks the quality of your sleep will be poorer, which will make you feel even drowsier the next day. No matter if you slept 8 hours, the alcohol will reduce your deep sleep and keeps you awake at night.

5. Plan Yo…

Thinking about New Year´s Resolutions?

Here is a post I wrote last year about New Year´s resolutions and why I think they won´t work.

Have you come up with any New Year's resolutions this year? If not, it is totally okay not to do them. In this post I will explain why it is so. I think the most common/favorite resolutions have to do with losing weight, eating healthier, trying to distress or slow in life in general. I have a thing or two to say about slowing down. As you know, I got very sick this fall (you can read it in here), and as a result, suddenly I had a lot of time to think about life. It was a bit funny that somehow my life changed from being very busy and organised to being not busy at all. I have to say that at first it was hard for me to slow down because I am the kind of person who doesn't just sit around, instead I get things done. Period. But now I was in a place that I didn't have a choice. This pneumonia made me to stop everything and forced me to slow down. (Honestly, it was a real effort to…

Detox - Heal Your Gut

Want to heal and nourish your body from the inside out? 
Our gut is our second brain and the condition of your gut will affect your whole well being. Did you know that unhealthy gut microbiome can make you sick? Many diseases are linked to your gut microbiome. I designed Detox- Heal Your Gut programme so that you could set your foundations for life long health.
In this programme you will have health tips how to balance your gut microbiomehealthy diet for your gut health without calorie counting!I will guide you step by step how to bring your gut flora into balance with food with whole food ingredients which can be found in your local supermarket18 healthy and tasteful recipestips for effective detoxificationa guide how to have a healthy gut as a side product you will lose extra weightsupplement recommendations (not necessary to use)

This online programme with its guides and recipes are meant for ALL who wants to take care of their gut and improve your health! 
Start your personal path to h…

This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and for many people it means time to relax and enjoy Christmas treats. Despite of my body's reactions to gluten and dairy, I have celebrated my Christmas in a quite traditional manner eating all the traditional Christmas foods, such as carrot and turnip casserole, rice porridge, various types of cheese and plum quark. However, after enjoying these meals, as you can assume, I have not felt so good. Thus this year I have considered to change this. Why give yourself stomach ache and bloating just for the sake of holidays? Previously when we had Christmas lunch with someone else's house I didn't want to "offend" anyone, so I ate what was served. Having said this, this Christmas will be different because we decided to stay at our house.  So accordingly, we will serve our "own" menu which will be suitable for everyone. I was thinking about preparing ham, some healthy salads, salmon, potatoes and some casseroles for my son.…

How to Add Cross Training to Your Workouts

Time for a workout post. This time it is a guest post edited from here.

Dedicated training is something to be admired. Many athletes strive for the ability to get up and get out every single day whether it’s for a specific race or event or even, simply driven by a goal. Often that can mean adhering to a training plan based on both repetition and incrementally increased difficulty–monotony and overuse be damned. But you may get hurt. Or plateau. Or experience a disruption in your training schedule. These can all be detrimental to accomplishing a goal. Then there’s also that inevitable boredom of doing the same training day in and day out. You swear that footprint on the trail was yours from yesterday. Here, we’ll detail the science behind cross training, how to work it into your schedule, and some new exercises to try. Your main sport will thank us. Simply put, cross training is training in another discipline in improve your main sport. The options are almost limitless–runners can stren…

Self-care series (2): 12 Tips to Do It

This is the second part of my self-care series. Before reading this one, check the first post here.
 Below are tips how to practice more self-care. Choose to implement one new idea every new week and you are on a good start!
❤ Go cloud watching.

❤ Do a mini meditation.

❤ Do one thing today because it makes you happy.

❤ Do a mini-declutter: recycle four items from your wardrobe.

❤ Unplug for an hour. Ignore your phone and internet.

❤ Plan yourself a pampering day. Book a massage, a hairdresser or a manicure.

❤ Take a bus ride. Watch the scenery and enjoy the road.

❤ Put your favourite tune on and boogie.

❤ Be still for 5 minutes. Just sit down or lie down and breath.

❤ Get 15 minutes of sun.

❤ Have a good laugh.

❤ Take a power nap: 15 to 20 minutes is enough.

As December is a bit quieter time in blogs in general, I will skip one week and be back to posting on my Christmas holiday. I hope you also slow down a bit for Christmas. Enjoy a warm cup of tea, burn candles and listen to Christmas carols ?…