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The Truth About the 'Bad' Carbs

Carbs. How did it become so that these essential macro-nutrients are bad for you? The truth is that if you want to see the best results from your training program, proper nutrition is critical. By this I mean the proper ratio of macro-nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. So all of these macro-nutrients are important and you need to include them into your diet, even carbs. There are plenty of studies which advise the perfect ratio of macro-nutrients. However, I will not go into details of this because honestly, who has the time or motivation to count these or pay attention to these on a daily basis? I don’t. And why should I count them? Because what matters the most is to just try and see what works for you and you can do this without counting any specific ratio. If you feel that a protein rich breakfast keeps you satisfied longer then you should have it! On the other hand, if you workout in the morning, you will need plenty of carbs, so maybe a porridge and fruits are…
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Meal prep + Chick Pea Salad Recipe

Let's talk about meal prep and at the same time how to make healthier food choices when you have a busy week ahead. I cannot highlight enough how important it is to plan your meals ahead if you want to stick to eating healthy food. When we are busy, it is easy to resort to ’bad’ food choices. However, if you are proactive, there won’t be any problems. I have done this meal prepping for so long that it comes naturally to me. This means that during the weekends I automatically plan my next week's meals. I don't have to remind myself because I love to eat and plan what I get to indulge ☺ Also, it is important for me to fuel my body with the right kind of healthy food. So how do I meal prep? I plan my menu for the next week on Saturday or Sunday and then I do my grocery shopping. I want to do this on the weekend because then I have time to do a big grocery haul and during the week I don't have to worry about what to eat or worry about shopping any bigger groceries. This h…

The Picturesque Pearl, Doha travels

I'm back home! It felt so good to have a change of scenery, enjoy the warmth and my friend's company. Also, I got so many post ideas for this blog so I can't wait to share them with you! I have to say that flying with Qatar Airways was a really positive experience. If you are travelling to Qatar, I highly recommend taking this airline. About this post..Previously, I wrote about my first impression on Doha and in this post I will share some interesting facts about Doha and places to visit if you are travelling in that area.

 So, let’s jump right into it, shall we.
50 years ago only 20 000 people lived in Qatar. Nowadays there are over 2 million people living there. What a change!
The 2022 FIFA World Cup is organised by Qatar.
In the 1970s the country began to morph from a nation of fishermen and pearl divers to oil production and export. Since then Qatar’s economy has been boosted by growth in the oil, gas and petrochemicals industries. In fact, Qatar has a city called Ras La…

Are You Eating Too Much Protein?

Here's a thought or a question which you might have not considered for a while. Are you eating too much protein? Nowadays many personal trainers and fitness experts highlight the importance of eating enough protein. Also, the food industry has joined this movement: they have added extra protein in almost all products. There's protein bread, extra protein quarks, protein riched this and that. As a result of this has anyone else thought that maybe people are consuming too much protein? 
According to ACE Fitness article "5 Sports Nutrition Experts Share the Performance enhancing Benefits of Protein" by Katie Ferrano the typical American adult actually consumes more protein than is recommended. Therefore people should pay attention to timing and portion sizes. Unnecessary calories , even coming from proteins, can promote weight gain. Athletes or other exercisers must remember that protein is not the only nutrient of importance. Carbohydrate is the main source of energy …

My View on Doha

Here I am in the Arabland again 😁 They say that Doha is the new Dubai and I couldn't agree more. In my opinion Dubai is just too much of everything. If you have been there, you might understand this. Everything is too luxurious for my taste. Too much. Having lived in the UAE I think it is the way of their culture. They put too much perfum, there's too much noise everywhere, and not to mention the parties or celebrations: people are going crazy without alcohol. For someone like me who loves peace and quiet I have to say it was way too much. However, getting back to Doha. I have to say that this city has surprised me completely. When I first arrived here, I thought that this would be like Dubai mixed with Oman. But I was wrong. This place is much cooler and more western than I thought. Of course I’m staying at the Pearl which is a very good and ’rich’ area. When I’m walking down Porto Arabia it feels like I’m back in the Expat life again. There are so many western people that …

When You Are in Need of Motivation

Greetings from Doha! I'm so excited to be here 👌 How powerful can the sun and warmth be to your wellbeing! When I left Finland it was -20 degrees and here it is +24 degrees. As I mentioned  in my inspiration post, travelling always increases my motivation to workout so I can say that I am very motivated and looking forward to my morning run! 

I have been taking a lot of pictures. But I will post them later on. So today's post will be about motivational quotes. You can read my previous motivation post in here.

Without further ado, here are motivational quotes. Some of them hit me hard ☺I hope they will do the same for you 💗

I'm on My Way to....

So it's winter holiday and I'm off soon! Can you guess where I am going?

I'm on my way to Doha, Qatar! The pictures above are taken from Google.
So why there? My dear friend lives there so I thought why not going there now? When I lived in the United Arab Emirates I never visited Qatar although it was just around the corner so now when the opportunity appeared I thought now is the right time. 
Because this is a wellness blog, I decided that I could show you which kind of supplements I take with me whenever I travel. First, I never travel without my probiotics. These will ensure that my gut will stay in good balance throughout my trip. I have to say that I have never had normal tourist diarrhea because I eat these on a regular basis. 

Next, I take my green powder with me. This time I take Puhdistamo* brand. I mix this in water or in a smoothie. I also take vitamin C to support my immune system.  Magnesium* I take before I go to bed. This will help me to sleep better and in…

My Experience with Over-Training

People always say how exercise is good for you  but what most "average" training enthusiasts don't know is how thin is the line between enough and too much exercise. Yup, it happened to me as well four years ago. For someone like me who has always exercised a lot, overtraining might come as a surprise: your body has used to work out hard so why all of a sudden this all becomes too much? It all comes down to recovery. There is a tipping point beyond which the amount of exercise you perform can do more harm than good.  This point can be reached by exercising too much with little recovery OR underfueling your body. Pushing your body to its limits can overload the hormonal system: your body will produce too much cortisol which elevates inflammation. It can takes months to recover from over training so prevention is really important. 
Signs of overtraining:
Hunger. You're constantly hungry, no food is enough fuel for your body. You crave for something sweet all the time.