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Heal Yourself with Spices and Herbs

Did you know that spices and herbs were used thousands of years ago to treat diseases? Today's Science also acknowledges the power of spices and herbs and their health benefits. What's so special about these? Among other things, spices and herbs help our body to protect it against free radicals, stress and different environmental factors.

Here are a few benefits of herbs:

Basil and garlic can prevent tumors. Chili improves circulation and also aids digestion. Cinnamon fights against diabetes. Add this to your oat porridge to give flavour and at the same time gain health benefits. Ginger on the other hand cures cold and nausea.

 Spices are full of antioxidants, their antioxidant content is bigger than any other food item so their effect on inflammation is impressive. The best thing about using spices is that only a few milligrams will do the trick. 

I have learnt to use spices/herbs in my every day cooking. I use herbs in smoothies, salads and when  I'm preparing any meal. I also have a small herb garden in my yard. This summer was really warm so my herb garden expanded on their own. As a result I couldn't consume all the herbs so I dried the rest of the herbs. Now I can use them in the winter and get more nutritious smoothies or salads.

When I start to feel a bit sick, I instantly start consuming more herbs, such as garlic as a tea, ginger juices, turmeric lattes or smoothies. When I had pneunomia, I consumed a lot of herbs and I think because of it, I recovered more quickly. Again, natural remedies heal.

It's that time of the year when flus are going around in schools and offices, so to prevent yourself from getting sick try to use more herbs and spices. They are nature's own medicines. And really cheap.

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