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Improve Your Health with this Tip

Nature heals. That's what people say and I couldn't agree more. As you know my family and I own a boat and we love to spend our time outdoors. I have always been an outdoor person but I haven't thought about why nature is important to me until recently. Since my holiday ended life has become more hectic. This leads that every time I feel that I'm busy I start to feel stressed out. Here is when I need to hit the pause button and stop to think how I want to live my life. As much as I love scheduling things, exercising and learning new things, there's only 24 hours in a day. I need to remind myself of that. So what do I do to stop the stress over coming my life? It's simple, I just connect with nature. I have a walk in the forest, swim in a lake, pick berries, water my plants. It can be whatever but the most beneficial for me is to pack up my bags and spend the entire weekend on our boat. 24 hours fresh air, green forests, blue and cold lakes guaranteed. Even food tastes better outside. Not to mention spending time with my family. There are no other obligations: eat, swim, breathe, sleep. 

Nature truly heals everything.

Words don't do justice. These are the things you need to try out yourself. So I encourage you to go into the forest TODAY.


There has been loads and loads of studies how connecting with nature prevents depression, lowers blood pressure, strengthens your immune system, restores mental energy,  and reduces stress and inflammation. By spending only 15 minutes in the quiet forest you will gain some of these health benefits. Moreover, the more time you spend time in the forest the better the results are.

Lots of love,


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