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Avoid these 2 Things and Your Health Will Improve Tremendously

As I have been studying nutrition even further, I have noticed certain recommendations in many researches or common factors in healthy diets. So I came up with a post relating to two things people should avoid the most in order to improve their health. In this post I will share these with you. Let’s jump right to it, shall we?

Number 1: Sugar and Processed Food

Needless to say if you consume excess amounts of sugar it will cause a lot of problems in your body. The excess sugar will make your insulin levels spike which will have an effect on your pancreas. As your pancreas will have to produce more and more insulin, it will result to the fact that the insulin will loose its effect. Your system is overwhelmed with all the excess insulin and over time insulin cannot make it to feed your cells. This will lead to insulin resistance and eventually you will need medication. In addition, your body’s hormone systems will be disturbed. Your cortisol levels will rise which will lead to even more glucose (sugar) in your body. Your body will be stressed out, your sleep will be disturbed and you might feel depressed. Moreover, your body will age. We don't want that! Because all of these different symptoms, you might be wondering what is wrong with me? The answer is simple, sugar in your diet!

However, all this is treatable with and it starts with your diet. Just stop consuming too much sugar. Your every day choices count. You cannot eat sugar or processed foods every day. It will have impact on your body. Your system is not made to deal with excess sugar or processed food. 

Number 2: Stress

Let’s face it: everyone has stress. In this world of ours you cannot avoid stress. But small amounts of stress is a good thing. It will make you finish your deadlines and get you going through the day. However, too much stress means rising cortisol levels in your body. When cortisol levels rise, you will be in a fight or flight mode. Too much cortisol is never a good thing. As your stress levels continues to stay high and cortisol levels are also high, your body is not able to endure this for a long periods of time, for example months and months of high stress.

Side note, everyone’s stress levels are individual which means that for some people one month of living on a high stress is too much.

What are the symptoms of too much cortisol in your body?

  • your sleep will come disturbed: you might wake up in the middle of the night
  • you will feel tired all the time
  • your immune system will be weakened
  • your muscle mass will decrease
  • you will develop insulin resistance
  • your blood pressure will increase
  • you will have food cravings, especially salty or sweet food
  • your thyroid function might be weakened
  • you will have digestive issues (nutrients don´t absorb as they used to)
  • your hormone levels will change: your body will produce more cortisol, so it won’t be able to produce estrogen, progesterone, testosterone or human growth hormone. This will lead to imbalanced or disturbed hormone functions.

At the worst high levels of cortisol can lead to adrenal fatigue which is a serious condition and it takes time to heal from this. But it is treatable. If you are interested in adrenal fatigue, read more here.

My tip for managing stress is to spend time with people you love, especially with your family. Me and my family love to go on a bike ride or go for a swim in the lake or just play football. I find it that in these moments I am really focused on the moment and everything else fades into the background. Also quiet moments in the morning or in the evening have helped me to clear my head. My other tips you will find here. Most importantly find out what suites for you: if you love dancing, arrange time to go for a class in the middle of the week. Don't wait until weekend. It is important to do the things you love after work. These will balance your life. Life is now.

Isn’t it a good thing that every day we get another 24 hours to improve our health and eat well so we can stay healthy? Make yourself a priority and start eating nutrient dense food. In my Nutrition Packages you will learn how to make healthier choices and improve your health.

All the best,


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