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My first post

This is finally happening: I am starting my health blog! I am so excited that I could not sleep last night..So, why now? I have been thinking about blogging for the past two years but life has happened ☺ I have had so many changes during the last few years that I just didn´t have any energy to do anything extra. So, what has changed? I am still a busy mother of a six year old, I am working full-time as a teacher, finishing my Master's degree in English Language and Culture and I am also trying to work out 4-6 times in a week.. However, right now I have been on a sick leave for the past month because I have a pneumonia 😢😱 So during the last month I have had nothing but time to think everything! I will write a different post about how to recover from pneumonia but right now I will keep this short and sweet😏

What is this blog about?

So, my blog will be about general well being, being fit and living a healthy life. I will give you tips, workouts, meal ideas and recipes and ideas how to live healthier. These things have always inspired me and I want to share my knowledge with you. 

      Who am I to give advice?

I have studied a lot about nutrition, fitness and health. In 2013, I started my studies in fitness and health. I graduated as an ACE certified Personal Trainer and I studied Health Science in the University of Eastern Finland. That time my family and I were living in Malaysia and I was on a maternity leave taking care of our son. So I decided that this would be the time to educate myself. Ever since I started my studies, my interest in healthy living has grown and I continued my studies independently by doing research.. My future plan is that I will become a Fitness Nutrition Specialist (by ACE Fitness). I will start these studies when I finish my Master's degree in the spring 2018.

Why English?

I wanted to write this blog in English because I want to maintain and develop my English skills. As my daily job is to teach English, this blog will be a great tool to develop my skills even further. Also, I want to inspire as many people as possible to live healthier and take care of your body. 

So, this is me and what my blog will be about. I hope you will stick around!

Lots of love,


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