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Supplements:Do We Really Need Them?

Supplements are a BIG business. According to the total sales of the U.S. dietary supplement industry in 2016 were 22.1 billion $. That is huge and means that there are a lot of people using supplements. The attraction of using supplements is strong: the ads promise more energy and vitality after taking certain vitamins/minerals. So you might think: why shouldn't I try that vitamin or that brand? What's the harm? But there really can be harm in jumping in to the world of supplements and especially if you don't know anything about the business, it is easy to over-do it..
Truth to be told I use supplements and why not? But I think that nowadays there is a fine line between over-doing it and doing it "the right way". Thus, who can say when and how much to use them? Because this blog is about my opinions on healthy issues, I will write on my perspective. But that doesn't mean I haven't done my research and this case I have done. Why should you use t…

How to Recover from Pneumonia?

As I mentioned before, it has been a month since I got sick. I have to admit that, for me not being able to workout for WHOLE month, has been a struggle. But as my lungs improved and I was able to breathe normally, I decide that I would not give into darkness. Instead, I decided to think only positively. Because this condition that I am in now, won´t last long. Soon I will be able to walk, then do some yoga, then do some bodyweight training, then go for a quick run and finally be able to play football or do BodyCombat. I just have to embrace this situation. This thinking has really improved my rehabilitation (is that a right word for this case?) Well, anyway, here are my tips how to recover from (any) flu or pneumonia.
Be patient! If you feel like you are ready to go outside and walk a bit, don´t do it! Go back to bed under your covers and rest another day. I cannot highlight this enough. And this was very difficult for me to accept. Your body needs rest. Period.Take baby steps. I mea…

My first post

This is finally happening: I am starting my health blog! I am so excited that I could not sleep last night..So, why now? I have been thinking about blogging for the past two years but life has happened 😀 I have had so many changes during the last few years that I just didn´t have any energy to do anything extra. So, what has changed? I am still a busy mother of a six year old, I am working full-time as a teacher, finishing my Master's degree in English Language and Culture and I am also trying to work out 4-6 times in a week.. However, right now I have been on a sick leave for the past month because I have a pneumonia 😢😱 So during the last month I have had nothing but time to think everything! I will write a different post about how to recover from pneumonia but right now I will keep this short and sweet😏
What is this blog about?
So, my blog will be about general well being, being fit and living a healthy life. I will give you tips, workouts, meal ideas and recipes…