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This Holiday

It´s that time of the year when we have our spring break at primary schools.
This year I won´t be travelling very far because I need to do a little bit of catching up with my studies. Last year I travelled to Qatar to see my friend. Here (The Picturesque Pearl) and here (My View on Doha) are my travel posts about that trip if you are interested.. However, this year we will do a short getaway to a nearby spa. What else am I up to in this holiday?

This holiday I will

wake up early and get my studies in order
go to bed early
sleep at least 9 hours each night
spend time outdoors
breathe fresh spring air
spend quality time with my son
eat well
drink a green juice every morning
try to stay relaxed and positive
load my batteries for the upcoming spring events
focus on breathing
catch the rays of the spring sun
do morning yoga
do morning runs
take a sun bathe on the ice
visit a spa
just chill

All the best,

💗 Jennikatja

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