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Once a Gypsie, Always a Gypsie..

This post idea came to my mind when I was sharing my expat experiences with a colleague at work. We were discussing about how it is that when you got the taste of living abroad for the first time you will get hooked. Of course you will miss your own home country but at the same time you gain something really valuable: thrilling experiences, meeting new people, getting to know different culture, seeing how other people live, getting used to daily life routines which are the same as you had before you left but not quite, wondering all the strange products in the grocery store and the list goes on. We came to the conclusion that once you have let your home country it is easier to do it again. When you have had this kind of incredible experience, "ordinary" life back home doesn't feel like the same as it did. So once a gypsie, always a gypsie ☺ This is a part of me now. In fact, I dream about moving abroad again 😂Having done this twice, it is always at the back of my mind that I want to experience more and see the world 💗 I don't want to settle for ordinary life. But that's just the way I am..

This is how I came to the idea of this post..As I usually write about health and fitness, now I would like to write something about myself. Some other things you perhaps didn't know..

spring weather in Finland

  • I try to live as I preach. This means eating healthy, sleeping enough and exercising on a regular basis. Having said this I am not too strict about myself so 80/20 rules apply to me as well. Of course I am a human so I sometimes overeat because I just LOVE food and I am an ex sugar holic. Here you can read how I got rid of sugar.

  • I am an outdoor person. This means that I try to workout outdoors as much as possible. Spending enough time outdoors and breathing fresh air has so many health benefits: you sleep better, it's good for your lungs and skin. Read more here: The Benefits of Outdoor Training.

  • Right now I am obsessed with peppermint tea *, carrot juice* and tomato soup. Every evening I enjoy a cup of peppermint tea. This does wonders for your bowel movements and if you have digestive issues, it can improve your digestion.  Carrot juice gives your skin a nice glow and it clears it up as well. 

  • I love travelling. If I spend my holiday at home I will start to feel anxious. I need to get away ☺ After a holiday abroad I will so energetic and inspired.

  • I have always been really active and exercised regularly since I was 10. That is when I started to play football and I still play it. Having said that my working out has always been a huge part of my life (even before it came so famous to go the gym) I really got into fitness when we lived in Malaysia and I started my Personal trainer studies. Before this I went to the gym only once a week but after my studies I started to workout with goals in my mind. 

  • I started to drink smoothies when I was 12 and this was long before the smoothie hype! I have always loved eating berries and one day I noticed that my mom was making smoothies from berries and yogurt. I tasted it and loved it! In my opinion smoothie is the best drink ever! I naturally crave healthy food 💗

  • I love working with children and that is why I am a teacher. Every work day is different and you never know what the day will bring you 😅 Children are so genuine and they are living in this moment. We have a lot to learn from them 💗

  • I have tried many diets along the way. Now I eat foods which make me feel good and I try to avoid foods which make me feel bloated or tired. However, I don't stress about it anymore. Read more here.

  • I teamed up with JustStrong and I am now a JustStrong ambassador. JustStrong is an athletic wear brand that supports strong women and female empowerment, not just in the gym, but in everything they pursue. You can use my code JENNIHAMA10 to get 10% discount.

Hope you liked this post 💗

Have a great day,


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