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My Easter

Happy Easter everyone!
One of my popular posts have been My Christmas so I decided to my Easter post as well ☺


This Easter:

  • We had a floor renovation at our house so we needed to leave our home. As much as I love my routines, it is refreshing to break them once in a while and have a change of scene. I found that new places give me inspiration. Read more here.

  • We were up before 6am each morning because my son really is a morning person 😂 But I have learnt to love early mornings. In fact I made a post about How becoming a morning person made me more productive. I recommend waking up early because you get so much done in a day and you are actually really tired in the evening so it is easy to fall asleep.

  • I ate few chocolate eggs and other sweets. Because life is a balance..☺💗

  • I felt so relieved because I didn't have to study for my final exam anymore. So I just organised my day how I felt. Studying is great but after exams you feel like F R E E D OM !

  • I spent time alone with my son. And I kept on thinking how time flies by...💗 He is growing so fast so now I truly try to enjoy every minute when he is still a little one.

  • I started one of my day off by going to the gym. I enjoyed working out alone because it was so early that no one was there 😊 Recently I have put more effort on focusing the quality and not the quantity on my workouts. I terminated my gym membership (it ends in the middle of April) so I could workout more outside and focus on my cardio. Our football season starts soon so I need to be in shape 😊 In addition, I want to start doing more yoga on a regular basis. Now I haven't had time because of my gym membership. Also, I can't wait warmer days so I can do yoga outside! Lately I haven't had good motivation for going to the gym because I wanted to workout outside. It has been a bit stressful to force myself to the gym and that was the main reason why I wanted to end my membership. I want to be able to exercise how I feel and not worry about all the money I have invested in a membership.

  • I spent a lot of time outdoors. Lately I have been obsessed with fresh air. I want to start my day with a brisk walk and end it with a walk. Also, in the middle of the day I need to go out and enjoy the sun.

I hope your Easter has been great!

Let's enjoy this spring weather,


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