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What's in My Grocery Bag?

For those of you who love to watch and peek into other people´s 'what I eat in a day' or 'what's inside my grocery bag', here is a post to you 💗 Today`s post will be about what's in my grocery bag. I made a food haul from Lidl. Usually I shop in bigger supermarkets, because they have a better selection of vegetables and fruits and their products are cheaper. Ultimately, the fact that matters most to me is the grocery store's selection on fruits and vegetables. I want to buy good quality and fresh produce. I try to make one bigger haul during the weekends when I buy most of our food items, such as meat, milk, grains and fruits. Then during the week I usually buy vegetables, bread and fruits because they don´t stay fresh that long.

Follow me through my mini-haul:

grocery haul

my shopping bag

my groceries

This time I bought:

  • snacks: raw date bars and licorice protein bars from Sportyfeel 
  • nuts and grains: these are really handy at work!
  • cherry tomatoes: my absolute favourite as a snack.
  • fruits: bananas, organic oranges, organic lemons, kiwis
  • vegetables: Romain salad leaves, cucumber, potatoes
  • free range eggs: I eat a lot of eggs. I put them on top of my gluten-free bread and on top of my salads.
  • prunes: these are good for your gut if you have constipation issues.

How often do you go grocery shopping?

Until next time,


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