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My Current Workout Routine

Here is a different post between the detox-series. As you all know I have many things on my plate at the moment but there is one thing that I want to keep with me no matter how busy I am, and that is finding time to move my body. So how do I keep myself fit at the moment? I thought that I would give a glimpse of how I train throughout the week. If you have time management issues, I recommend you to plan and fit your schedules for the next week on Sunday evenings. I usually do this.

My weekly workout schedule looks like this:

Monday -core and HIIT training:

CX workout at the gym (30 minutes, sometimes warm up running 15 minutes). This is a LesMills class and it is very effective. One of my favorite classes!

Tuesday - Active Rest day:

At the beginning of the week I like to have one or two evenings which I spend entirely at home with my family. In these days I do house chores and spend some time outdoors with my son. Usually this involves some sort of movement walking or stretching depending on how I feel.

Wednesday - Toning up: 

I finish my work at 1 pm so I ' ll have some time to do a quick  HIIT workout at the gym (45 minutes) before I pick up my son from preschool. After this session I feel so pumped up and energetic. Again, I have the evening all free to do as I please.

Thursday- Rest Day or Active Rest Day: 

Depending on Wednesday's intense workout I might do ying
yoga or otherwise just stretch. I know that I will have intense workout weekend so I just might rest if I don't feel like doing anything. I find that it is important to have these exercise-free days to keep motivated!

Friday -Pure Cardio: 

My favourite day of the week because it's time to play football! Our practice usually lasts about 60-90 minutes. I have to admit that there is nothing like playing football with friends! I get the best exercise kicks from these workouts!

Saturday -Toning up/ Cardio

These days I can have either a gym session or go for a run depending on the way I feel. I love to do morning runs so if the day will be busy, I will do a quick run in the morning or if we don't have anything special planned for the weekend, I'll go to the gym in the morning.

Sunday - Cardio:

This is the second practice relating to football. I go for a longer run with my team mates. Again this is one of my favourite trainings of the week! We usually run about 60-75 minutes on a steady state.

Dreaming of summer so I can do my HIIT workouts outside..

summer lake


summer sky

I try to have two rest days in a week because I find this is an absolute must for my recovery. Also if I am feeling stressed out and my muscles are sore, I will keep extra rest days. There is no point in stressing your body beyond its limits. Treat your body with respect and nurture it. 

Joy to your workouts,


PS. Next post is my detox-series part 5 healthy snack ideas including a recipe.

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