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Update on My Project

Previously, I posted about my project to get back in shape. How has it started? Quite well actually!
The first time you exercise after a long pause can be a bit depressing because your current fitness level just isn't the way the it was before when you were active. But it will get easier as you engage in more workouts. This in mind, I knew how it was going to be for me as I started to get back on track. Accordingly I started my exercise slowly by taking walks, doing yoga and finally going to the gym and I noticed that this was the right choice. However, as I went back to the gym I did my normal workout plan but I lowered my weights and decreased the intensity: instead of doing leg press with 110 kg, I started with 90 kg. Also, I usually train with minimal breaks in order to increase the intensity, but now I had longer breaks so that my bpm would not increase too much. This was a wise decision as my lungs are not in their normal state. I noticed that when my bpm started to climb over 120 I felt pressure in my lungs. As a result, I took a break and went on a steadier state. As I mentioned before, the main reason why I want to get back in shape, is to feel better and have more energy. I also want to highlight that I exercise because it increases my happiness and the other benefits, such as exercise changes my appearance and boosts my metabolism, are just bonuses. I dare to ask that who doesn't want to look fit? So what exactly were my feelings after my first workouts? Here they are listed in below:

  • Instantly as I begin my workouts my energy levels increased. After my workouts I had more energy at home so I was able to do my house work chores: do the dishes, vacuum the house, wash laundry etc. 
  • I fell asleep faster. I can not say how happy I was about this! I have had issues with sleep and this was much needed improvement!
  • It felt good to have muscle soreness! Honestly, this made me feel alive again!
  • It felt to nice to sweat and move your body instead of just lie on the couch.
  • Food tasted even better because I was actually hungry. 
  • I was able to relax better in the evenings. When your muscles are exhausted after a good workout, it feels that you have "deserved" to chill down and lie on a couch or stretch on the floor. 

When I was studying to become a P.T our instructor told us that when you start to exercise regularly (this exercise includes going to the gym and doing cardio), the first results you will be able to see in your body, is the increase in muscle mass. So this is the thing which will improve first. Then you will see changes in your flexibility (if you stretch regularly after workouts) and after that in endurance. As a result, it might be encouraging to start with resistance training or doing bodyweight workouts, as you will see results sooner. It sounds convincing that your cardio level won't increase as quickly as your muscles will develop because it is a more complicated process. Also, if you have done resistance training before and start it again after a long break, you are able to use your muscle memory and as a result your muscles will activate faster and this will lead to better and faster progress than if you were a beginner with no background. 

                                         Lots of energy to your day,



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