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This is Me

Many people have found my blog so I decided to write some facts about me. I will include some facts and pictures of my life during the past years. It was really interesting to try to skim pictures of my life. First of all it made me so lucky and grateful for to have experienced living as an expat in two foreign countries. Secondly, it made me think how much I have grown as a person.. Without further ado here we go!

  • I love reading books, especially in English. Lately I have been reading many self help books which I will do a separate post later. I think that my passion for reading has even grow. Who else cannot fall asleep without reading a book?

  • Football (soccer) is my passion. I started playing when I was 9 years old. I stopped going football practices when I had my son but I found my passion again last summer. It has given me much more than any sport. After these practices I feel like I am a better version of myself.

  • My work out philosophy has changed dramatically. I used to think that I must push myself even further and do more but nowadays I think that less is more and I will invest in quality not quantity. I try to train and live in a way that is most importantly healthy and enjoyable.

  • My eating habits have also changed. As I mentioned before, I have tried many diets and currently I eat what I feel like eating and I know which food items to avoid (gluten, dairy). I am no longer intimated by carbs or don't feel guilty if I eat unhealthy food. I don't have to count calories and I'm in a happy place right now.  Actually, it is very simple: if you eat healthy food, your body will only crave healthy food!

  • I try to keep my family life in private (the reason why I don't publish my husband's or my son's photos) but I can reveal that I got married in Las Vegas. That was one of my most unforgettable memories in life. This was my secret dream since I started to watch the Bold and the Beautiful when I was in the first grade 😉 And I still watch them.. It is basically the only TV-series I watch on TV, besides Outlander.

  • I have lived in two foreign countries: in Malaysia and in the United Arab Emirates. Currently I live in Finland. These expat experiences have changed me as a person and it sounds cliche but these experiences have taught me so much about myself, my values and the person who I would like to be. As a result, nowadays I take some time to think about what is really important in life. I used to be so busy doing everything that I didn't have time to stop and reflect things.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle serenity prayer
  • I have written gratitude journal since this January. Every evening I write or think about what I am grateful in my life. In my opinion this has increased my positive attitude towards life and helped me to fully understand the Serenity prayer and shift my focus on what is truly good in my life.

mall in penang
In the lunch break during my P.T course.

The view from our apartment in Penang.
Gurney Beach
The view vol2.
Penang photoshoot
Photo shoot in Malaysia.
Going for a party in the UAE.
After dinner
Finnish forest
Our summer fun 💗

gym selfie
This is me going to a gym in the UAE.

Till next time 😘,


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