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Kettlebell Workout (HIIT)

Here is my whole body kettlebell workout. In this workout you will need a timer, a mat and a kettlebell or two (it is up to you which kilos you need).

Do each exercise once, then take a 10 seconds break and move on to the next one. After you have finished all the exercises take a 1-2 minutes break and start doing round 2. After this you can do a round 3. If you are just starting to exercise, do only 2 rounds. You can also adjust the time by increasing or decreasing it: if you are in good shape, you should be able to start with 30-45 seconds each exercise and do 3 rounds. If you are a  beginner, start with 30 seconds and do only 2 rounds.

Before you start, you should have some basics in kettlebell training in order to have the right movements ad get the right muscles working. There is a lot of technique videos available on YouTube but I personally recommend that you start with a class first.


Squat-biceps and shoulder press

Start with the squat position, then rise and do a biceps curl, after this continue to a shoulder press. Repeat all movements until 30/45 seconds have past.

Moving lunges

You can do this without a kettlebell if you are struggling with the balance.

Chest pull up and shoulder press

Take the kettlebell into your right hand and make a hang clean, then move into a shoulder press. Switch to your left arm after 15/20 seconds.


Pay attention to your form: back is straight, buttocks is in place (not too low or too high) and your neck is straight.

Avoid arching in the lower back (in this picture I have a little arch, goes to show how important it is to see yourself in the mirror before you start 😃)
Version 2

Single leg deadlift

Take the kettlebell into your hands and do a deadlift with one leg at a time. Move your hands so that your kettlebell doesn't touch the ground (almost but not quite). Repeat with the other leg.

Single-arm kettlebell row

Switch your hand after 15/20 seconds.

Mountain climber

More on swing technique kettlebell swing and on  chest pull up and shoulder press.

                                      Have a nice workout,



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