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The Battle of Diets

Nowadays people understand how to eat healthy but somehow they don´t apply it into practise. Why is that? I believe that we get caught up in the advertisements and easy solutions, such as fast food or processed food. So, how to change your habits? How do I know which diet is suitable for me when there is sooo much to choose from? In this post I would like to write about my experiences about different diets and why I eat what I eat nowadays.

Before my pregnancy I could eat everything without digestive issues: dairy, gluten, meat etc. But after having my child, my body changed. I was no longer able to digest any dairy. For me, this was a shock! My diet consisted of cottage cheese, quark, yogurt, feta cheese and cheese in general. Not to forget about the milk I used in my coffee. As my symptoms (stomach pain/cramps, bloating) got worse and my baby was diagnosed with cowmilk allergy, I had to give up the dairy. It was hard at first but then I started to realise how different I felt after eating. I felt good and the cramps and bloating were gone. Food didn't cause me any pain any longer. I started to wonder that is this how you should feel? Instead of food making you feel bad, it gives you energy? Since that day my diet has been dairy-free. There are occasions when I try to put it back to my diet but it never works. So it is easier for me to just keep on doing what I do. Of course I am not 100% strict on anything so if I am visiting someone or at a party, I will eat dairy if they will serve me something which has dairy on it. Usually these occasions reminds me that it still is not working for me..So my food is dairy free and also gluten-free. But in order to keep this post simple and not too long, I will write about my experiences with gluten later 

I would like to remind you that ALWAYS listen to your body and don´t restrict your diet for nothing: if you can tolerate gluten or daily, eat them. On the other hand, if you have stomach or gut issues after enjoying them, stop using them for a while and see what happens..

How I have been able to resist sugar cravings and eat "real" food:

  • Allow yourself some treats (everyday). For me this is home-made raw chocolate, fresh dates, raw bars or protein bars.
  • Remember to eat proper breakfast and lunch! For me, breakfast is easy but I don't always eat enough lunch and later on that will backfire in the evening or after work when I could literally eat everything what I can find in my fridge.
  • Don't deny yourself of anything. If you deny, you will probably end up buying that food because it is forbidden and you can't stop thinking about that..
  • Remember that moderation is the key. You can eat everything in small proportions but it is that whole chocolate bar which will make you feel awful after consuming it.
  • Don't worry too much. There is nothing worse for your gut than feeling guilty about what you have just  eaten.
  • Take small steps:decide to add extra green/fruits to your diet every week.

Finally I would like to say that you can never go wrong with eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. They will give your body nutrients and vitamins.

             Listen to your gut,


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